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Notice that a will has changed? You may want to contest it

You and your siblings are all standing to inherit a large number of assets when your parents pass away. You know that your mom's or dad's will is going to show what each of you receives, and you don't yet know what they're going to allow for.

You hope that your parents will be fair, but in the last several months, you've noticed one sibling who has been spending a disproportionate time with your parents. They've been negative about you and your other sisters and brothers to your parents. You're worried that the wills are going to be changed, even though your sibling is only trying to manipulate your parents.

What happens if they succeed?

If your sibling does manipulate your parents in a way that results in the wills changing, there won't be anything that you can do until your parents pass away. Additionally, even when they do pass, you're going to need to show that the wills or will should not be held as valid.

To contest a will, you will need to have standing. Generally, it's someone who is in the will who will have standing. You may also have standing if you would inherit or lose something as a result of the will being found to be invalid.

To prove that you have standing in the future, you may want to obtain a copy of the will that did have you named as a beneficiary. You'll also want to show that you could have inherited something if your mom or dad died without a will. Your attorney can help you prove that you have standing if you want to contest a will.

Be cautious if there is a no contest clause

In some cases, there will be a no contest clause that you encounter. With this clause, any beneficiary who challenges the will has the potential to lose their claim and to be disinherited. Fortunately, the court may decide that the no contest clause is not enforceable in some cases, so if you want to challenge a will and believe that your reason for doing so is valid, you may want to consider doing so regardless of the clause's presence.

Regardless of your reasoning for worrying about a will, if you think that there is a significant chance that your mom or dad was manipulated into changing their will, it's worth looking into it and knowing your legal rights.

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