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Where should you store your will?

What would you do if the will you created became lost or damaged and no one realized it until after your passing? Would your attorney or loved ones know where to find a copy? Improperly storing your will can lead to confusion when it comes time for a probate court to distribute your assets.

Instead of throwing your will in a drawer or somewhere it can become damaged or lost, consider these options:

  • Protect your will from disaster and the elements. Consider storing your will in a lockable waterproof and fireproof safe. These safes are compact enough to store around your house and protect valuables, like your will, from fire and water damage. Safes like these start as low as $20 in price and available at your neighborhood home improvement store.
  • Make copies of your will. Leaving a copy of your will or at least instructions to the location of your will with your attorney is a good idea. It’s unwise for you to be the only person who knows where to find a copy of your will in the event of your death.
  • Submit your will to the state. You may also consider submitting your will to the state of Maryland by visiting your local register’s office. All it takes to submit your will is to place the document in a sealed envelope with your name, address, social security number and the date of the will’s creation. After paying the $5 fee, you have officially submitted your will to the state.

Dont take risks with your will

It’s clear that what happens to your loved ones and personal property matters to you if you’ve created a will. Don’t let that proactivity go to waste by not protecting your will from disaster or becoming lost after you’ve passed away. Taking these few extra measures to protect your will can further improve the odds of your final wishes carried out.

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