Montgomery County Divorce And Family Law Attorney

Marriages break down for a vast spectrum of reasons. The prospects of sharing time with your children, splitting up property and moving on in life can be very tough to face. Some pivotal issues between unmarried parents are equally challenging. In any such situation, it is essential to find a lawyer you trust to put your best interests first.

I am H. Andrew Reckson, an attorney and mediator based in Rockville and Silver Spring, Maryland. As a devoted father myself, I know how important achieving a favorable custody and visitation outcome may be to you. My extensive real estate and business knowledge may be a key asset for protection of your financial interests.

Balanced, Creative And Determined Representation

In my view, the most meaningful depictions of Lady Justice show her with her sword at her side. This is especially relevant to family law matters, when aggressively initiating conflict can be so costly and damaging. Even emotionally charged issues can often be resolved through calm negotiation or mediation. However, your attorney should also be determined and impeccably prepared to go to trial if that is what your case requires.

Emphasizing alignment with your goals and clear communication, I will strive to help you make the best decisions possible in this pivotal time. My knowledge and capabilities cover:

  • Divorce, ranging from amicable dissolution to cases with complex issues to resolve through mediation or litigation
  • Child custody and visitation concerns, whether as part of divorce, afterward or between unmarried parents
  • All aspects of property division, including complex disputes over real estate, business interests or other high-value assets
  • Action to obtain protection from abuse (PFA) orders for victims and otherwise end and deter domestic violence
  • Petitions for modifications of support, alimony/spousal maintenance and custody justified by substantial changes in parents' or children's circumstances
  • Drafting of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

"It is because of his hard work and most professional representation that it was possible for me to establish sole custody of my twin granddaughters." — a valued family law client; from her letter commending attorney H. Andrew Reckson to the Montgomery County Bar Association

I am committed to meeting difficult family law disputes head-on, but I do not hold myself out as a "pit bull" among family law attorneys. If you value diplomacy, common sense and fairness, my approach could save you serious money and anguish. For an initial telephone consultation with me, attorney H. Andrew Reckson, please call or email now.