About the Law Offices of H. Andrew Reckson LLC

I am H. Andrew Reckson, an attorney practicing since 1995, licensed in Maryland and Virginia. I have offices in Rockville and Silver Spring, MD, conveniently located near the Circuit and District Courts serving Montgomery County.

I operate a client-focused practice with strengths in both high-value transactions and complex dispute resolution.

With a strong background primarily in real estate, contracts and transactional law, I began moving my practice into civil litigation with the onset of the foreclosure crisis. Clients and peer attorneys quickly identified litigation as well-suited to my personality and approach. Today, I strive to provide the utmost in attentive, results-driven representation across several areas of law, including probate and estate disputes, property and land use disputes, family law and auto accident litigation.

You Deserve Clear, Forthright Guidance And Caring, Strategic Advocacy

I believe that even successful, well-respected lawyers should always be learning, and my qualifications speak to that principle. In recent years, I have completed hundreds of hours of training in civil mediation, family law litigation strategies, fraud prevention and other relevant disciplines. Ultimately, I believe that real legal skill is far preferable to raw aggressiveness; I subscribe to Teddy Roosevelt's enduring advice to "speak softly and carry a big stick."

"I would like to compliment you on one of the best letters that I have seen in preparation for a lawsuit. The letter is powerful and to the point without a lot of fluff... I have already come to realize that there is a WOW factor attached to you and your dedication to a client." — comments from an appreciative client facing a complex real estate problem

Individuals, families and business clients that turn to me work directly with a dedicated attorney, licensed title insurance agent and certified mediator. I emphasize rigor, integrity and attention to detail in all I do, principles also rooted in my experience as an Eagle Scout and Troop/Pack leader. For much more on my credentials and accomplishments, please follow the link to my full profile directly below.

I will welcome your inquiry by telephone and email and prioritize your needs, whether your challenge involves probate or an inheritance dispute, a real property issue, divorce or other pivotal legal concerns. Please call or contact me online to schedule your consultation.